Soy Wax Melt Frosting

Frosting (and not the good kind)

Have you even bought that perfect candle or wax melt?  It looks great, it smells great and then all of the sudden you notice a whitish coating on the top or sides?  It may remind you of a white coating you sometimes see on chocolate.  That is known as frosting.

Frosting is common in natural waxes, such as soy wax.  It is a crystalline layer that forms on the surface of the wax.  It is perfectly natural and does not affect the performance of your candle or wax melt.  The picture on the left was taken the day after pouring this vanilla bean wax melt.  The  picture on the right was taken several months later.  There is minor frosting on the top and no frosting of the side of wax melt picture that was taken immediately after pouring.   The picture on the right, however, clearly shows frosting ont the sides and top of the wax melt.

Soy wax without frosting                      Soy Wax Frosting


How do you prevent frosting?  You should expect soy wax will frost.  That said, you my be able to reduce the amount of frosting.

  • Try letting your soy wax candles cool at room temperature.  Ideally temperatures in the range of 70-76°F.
  • Keep your candle free from drafts.
  • Avoid temperature extremes.

Don’t worry if your your soy wax has frosted.  It will still have the same scent and burn performance as a non-frosted candle or wax melt. So relax and enjoy the ambiance your favoriate candle or wax melt provides!

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