What’s in your beard?

Beard care is becoming more popular, rightfully so.  If you are going to invest you time in growing the perfect beard, it only makes sense you would put the effort in to caring for your hair and skin underneath.

So, what are the options for maintaining and caring for your beard?  The products available run the gamut – from washes, to creams, to growth products and beard oils.  Here are a few common products and when to use them.

Beard Wash

Beard washes – aka shampoo for your beard.  Facial hair is different than the other types of hair on your body and the skin underneath tends to be less oily.  Traditional shampoos and soap can be harsh on your face and beard washes are formulated to be gentle on the hair and skin underneath.  Use them daily, or as needed, to remove dirt and excess oils.

Beard Balm

Beard balm is used to style and shape longer beards.  Balms accomplish this with the inclusion of beeswax and other hard oils or butters. The addition of butters, like Shea Butter, give balms the skin loving properties your face and beard will thank you for.  Use them anytime you need to tame and shape your beard.

Beard Oil

Beard oil is for use on any style and shape beard.  While balms help you tame and shape your beard, oils help moisturize your beard and reduce beard itch. Facial hair can pull the oils from your skin, leaving your skin dry and itchy.  Use beard oil daily or whenever you want to moisturize your beard.  Start with a few drops and rub up and through your beard taking care to avoid excess oils that can stain your clothes and leave your beard looking wet or dirty.

Whatever beard care regime you choose, you should use products that benefit both your hair and skin.

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