Why is my beard itchy?

Beard itch has a variety of causes from dry skin, ingrown hairs, to an infection.

One reason for dry skin is facial hair acts like a wick pulling oil and moisture from you skin leaving it dry and flaky.  Cold, dry weather can also contribute to your skin irritation.  Just like your beard hair pulling mositure from your skin, cold, dry weather can strip you skin of it’s natural oils and moisture.   In addition to being dry, flaky skin can get trapped in your beard causing you skin to be irritated and itchy.  Long, hot showers are another culprit that can strip away the skin’s natural oils.

So what can you do to counter dry skin? Use a beard brush to gently exfoliate the skin and remove any dead skin cells . Try limiting the duration of your showers and avoid overly hot water.  Apply beard oil immediately after cleaning your beard to restore some hydration.

With beard oil, less is more.  You don’t want to have excess in your beard and cause clogged pores. Rub a few drops of oil in your hands and massage the oil under your beard and pull it towards the ends.  Start will a small amount (one or two drops).  You can always add more if you feel like you didn’t cover your whole beard.  If you feel like you used to much, use a towel to remove the excess.

Finding and sticking to a beard care routine is a great way to make sure you beard and skin are getting what they need.  Everyone is different so keep experimenting until you find what works for you.  Always consult your physican if you have concerns.

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